Fly Eagles Fly - Tribe Of Fools

On today’s podcast, Terry Brennen drops by to talk about the origins of the Tribe of Fools production, “Fly Eagles Fly” which, presents a verses of who’s a true fan and a #NotRealFan. We use that as a platform to talk about fandom and community. Philadelphia is a unique city and our love for the game is very special. Whether you are a theater geek or a sports nut, fandom blurs those lines. Stay Tuned!

Tribe of Fools - FringeArts Production


A comedy about Philly Football Fan Frenzy. Fly Eagles Fly  is written by Caitlin Weigel (the writer of ToF favorite Fishtown) and co-directed by Terry Brennan (Heavy Metal Dance Fag, Antihero, Two Street) AND Joseph Ahmed (Antihero, Fishtown)

Gwen is a brand new Eagles fan and her office is full of opinions. Copy Mike is a lifelong fan, The Duke calls everyone out as NotRealFans™, and Lara is aghast at Gwen for liking such a #notfeminist thing. Fly Eagles Fly asks: what is fandom, what is community, and how do we reconcile the darker parts of things we love?