Rebroadcast: Two-Man, One-Man goes to Edinburgh

On today’s podcast, my travel producer, Woodsie and I, take a trip to a busy cafe in Edinburgh, Scotland, UK to experience what it’s like to bring a production to the Edinburgh Festival Fringe. Patrick Romano and Ben Behrend join me in a bustling cafe in The Meadows near the University of Edinburgh to talk about their fringe experience. Stay Tuned!

Presented in the Edinburgh Festival Fringe 2018.

Presented in the Edinburgh Festival Fringe 2018.



**** (TimeOut). In this hilarious spoof, fresh off a smash American premiere at the Philadelphia Fringe Festival, a performance artist and a comedian must perform their one-man shows on the same stage at the same time! With another show at the top of the hour and a stage manager on their asses, they must compete for the spotlight or agree to share it. This riotous comedy spoofs millennials, privileged artists, and the phenomenon of the solo show. “Sublimely silly… a goofy, wonderful gem” (Broad Street Review).