A New View


There’s a tree in front of my window. It’s thin but, full of leaves. It’s kind of in the way but, it’s there. It provides shade but, it blocks my view. When I look out of this window, the view is the same. It never changes but, it sometimes surprises. Little things. 

So, I’ve been kicking around an idea for a new podcast for about 2 years. I even started making content for it but, I followed an old model. The model that counted on outside forces to fuel the engine. This has been my life-long roadblock. People have their own plans and they are not waiting for me to come up with an idea that will fuel their engine so, why, why do I always think my idea needs something else? People are flaky, they just are. Gone are the days, at least for me, when you could sit with a few friends and bounce around some ideas that ignite a fire under your seats and you, all together, move forward. 

For years, my hustle has been fueled by...well, loneliness. Focusing on projects made it easier to get through trying days and moments when I felt alone in the world. that is not to say that I don’t have friends. I’ve made the comment, “I can feel alone in a crowded room”. That is not the case these days. Now, that fire that boiled and pressurized ideas has slowed to a constant simmer. Where’s the urgency? The urgency is still there, with my great ideas, stored away in notebooks, well-thought out as if they are waiting for some bit of magic to call them to the stage. Thank you, places!

So, you may be wondering what this new website is all about. Well, back in 2005, I had a similar moment in my life where the way forward was not clear. I picked up the book, “The Artist Way” and began morning pages. 9 weeks later, it became clear that I needed a brand to house all of my ideas so, I wouldn’t jump from one project to another without completing anything. This was “Represented”. Here, I could be a playwright, producer, director and later, a host. But, this only solved the creative problem. I still felt alone when a show closed or hours after a great interview. Something was still missing. Many hits and misses. Many attempts to fill that void came and went. 12 years later, here I am with a system in place and the appearance of having it all together. But, it’s time to dive back into the morning pages.  

I could have just made a few changes to the existing site but, dramatic change required a new platform. Soon, you will, once again, see what happens when I stop waiting for the world and just drive on. Now, in a new “digital” house, I can continue to keep all of my ideas and projects under one roof. Moving is never without a few bumps in the road, ask my friends who have helped me move many times over the years. I am not resistant to change. I do have a hard time getting started but, I think it’s because I am still doing the old things. I think it’s time to move on, move forward. I may have to kill a darling to do it but, it may be for the best. Stay Tuned.

Oh, that tree in front of my window, I don’t mind it at all. It just that the tree symbolizes a block of sorts. That tree doesn’t need to be chopped down but, i may need to assess the view from another window.  Welcome to Em3ry.