Gobble Gobble




While we begin to unpack what a sham of a holiday this is, let us not forget what it has begun to mean for so many in our country. It means, going to relatives houses to have an over-sized meal and be in the company of people who value your existence enough to welcome you into their homes for dinner. It can be a time to hash out differences or find out what you have in common with people who may not be so close to you. However you choose to acknowledge this day marked by a nationwide day off for full-time employees, a partial day off for low-income workers or a day to get ahead of some shopping you cannot afford to do, remember what matters the most. There are people in your life that may not hear enough about how much they matter to you. They may not know who you really are or feel some kind of disconnect from you.

This is a day to remind those people that they do indeed matter to you. It’s a day to at least think beyond yourself and state that which you are thankful for. If you are lucky, people will return that favor. If you are lucky, you do not need a special day to be reminded of the fact that you do in fact matter. Hopefully, the blowhards of the world will keep their mouths shut long enough to recognize how good it feels to share a meal with people who want to share a meal with you. And, if you can’t be with the ones you love, reach out and remind them that they are loved. Make a plate for them, snap a picture and send it to them.

Let us not forget that we are not alone in this world and while we may have differences of opinion, there is some common ground we can agree on. This is a day to be truly thankful for all that you have, the people who fill your life and the love you put out into the world. You are a very important part of people’s lives and they need to be reminded of that. Oh, let us not forget the football fans, the impulse shoppers, the haters, the lovers, the paraders, the cooks, the kids, everyone. Everyone matters to someone so, EVERYONE MATTERS.

Gobble Gobble, EVERYONE!