It’s just not a small business without an office pet. The best companies to work for tend to have a leader who loves their pets. So much, that you have seen their pet on many occasions. These offices are always warm and feel like no one wears shoes, like, ever. Yeah, it’s most-likely a home office but, it feels like you make an effort when you spend time in that allocated space. The office pet is a cat, Noobie. Full name Nubian. Noob and Noobie are also acceptable.  Now, the work begins. But, shouldn’t the work have already started?

Many people have a hard time just starting things. The world has to be perfect in order to get moving. It is fair to say that a little bit of fear can create delays but, what do you want to do? And, why would you let anything stand in the way of what it is you really want to do?  Whether it’s going to the gym because you have a lot on your plate while, you spend hours on the couch, thinking about the many things you want to do with your life. Well, one more episode of ____ on streaming platform and then, I’ll get started. It’s like, sometimes, you hope for things to stand in the way of your goals only to make excuses for not moving forward. If at your job, you do not strive to over-achieve because you do not want people to assume that you can produce at that level all the time, ask yourself, “Why do I work here?”

But, what does this have to do with Noobie? Nothing, really. She sleeps most of the time, unless she is playing or eating. How is she the reason I will not get much-delayed work done? The truth is, she does create a sense of atmosphere that is inspiring but, she was not the missing piece in my productivity. For me, at least, it was fear. When my life took an unexpected turn, I slammed on the breaks in my artistic vehicle. I couldn’t move forward. Something told me to stand still and stew in this revelation instead of using it as a sense of urgency. Also, I am a Gemini and it’s hard to maintain focus. I have never run out of ideas but, focus is something I have a hard time maintaining. So, I need deadlines.  “A Deadline focuses the lights.”

so, Noobie is a welcomed addition to the home office but, she is not the driving force. I need to create deadlines that I can hold myself to. Usually, a public announcement. So, here goes... 

In February 2019, I will launch a new podcast called “COMMUTER”. This podcast has been on my mind for the past two years and I have been building a foundation since then. I will push this out in February whether I am completely satisfied with the launch or not. Because, “a Deadline focuses the lights” and it is time to move forward. “COMMUTER” is a series of creative stops on my artistic journey. My original ideas suggested that I needed the community to participate in this in order to move forward. Not true. I did not wait for the community for Represented or Rep Radio so, why would that make any sense now? 

In February, “Ride With Us”! Em3ry is “On The Move” and “COMMUTER” will finally pull into that station! I wonder what it will bring? It’s an exciting delivery like, The Wells Fargo Wagon! Stay Tuned! 

Darnelle Radford