Logos and the way forward

I know what I want but, that doesn’t make it any easier to choose a brand identity. You want to keep it simple though, you want to make a statement. I can’t decide on the final year but, I can always lay a foundation.


You are probably wondering about the “3”. Well, this is the third vehicle I have created. I have a hard time letting go of my darlings so, I find homes for them to live in while I move on or return to other ideas. The canon that is the Represented Podcast Network or Rep Radio boasts a collection of over 600 episodes. I want to preserve them in a way that lets me comfortably move on to other ventures. I need to shift the focus a bit.

I still want to have a lot of talk. But, I may get more personal than in the past with new vessels. I also want to get back to my own writing ideas. I have so many play ideas jotted down that it is time to give them more attention. So, this “spin-off” will help with that. So, Ride With Us! Em3ry is “On The Move”!