Once upon a time, my grandmother on my father’s side, Gloria, had a Cabbage Patch Kid. These dolls came with a birth certificate and an official name. The name of her doll was “Logan Emery”. These names carried with me through my adolescence. While trying to find my own voice, I wrote a play called “Sidewalk Cafe”. I needed names for the characters. Originally, the character names were colors. The MC in this production needed a name. I moved to call him “Emery”. His passion was to shine a light on rising talent. In the play, Emery manages a failing coffee shop in need of a “Hail Mary” pass. He decides to host an Open Mic night at the cafe. Our passion at “EM3RY” is to bring people to the table with what they bring to the table. Our programs aim to do just that. “Ride With Us”! EM3RY is “On The Move”!