RR_S10E07 - #Edfringe - I’m Just Kidneying_Amanda Nicastro

On today’s podcast, Amanda Nicastro talks about “I’m Just Kidneying”, making its Edinburgh Festival Fringe debut by way of NYC. Focusing on the process of donating a kidney to her sister. Here is my interview with Amanda Nicastro.


Amanda donated her kidney for her sister. But she wasn’t a match. Yet, she saved two lives. What?! Sounds like an incredibly heroic sacrifice, but Amanda loves attention, so it worked out for everyone. From carrying her urine on the NYC subway to enduring needle-happy nurses to passing resounding farts, this award-winning comedy questions what it takes to be a “hero.” Audience Choice Award, Frigid Fest NYC. 'She may have donated a kidney to a stranger, but Amanda Nicastro still has her funny bone' (AM New York).